Entry #1


2007-11-08 19:29:11 by Crusty-Wiwuh

Since I have nothing better to do, I thought I'de use this space to explain a little about my content:-

I make Flash for my own amusement, and occasionally for the amusement of my friends. Often I will then proceed to submit the resulting poop to Newgrounds, just to get some second opinions/reactions. As a result of this, none of my Flash has gained any real recognition, and none if it really has any kind of storyline, plot, or point. All of my content is either practice, experimentation or just pissing around out of boredom.

I'm putting this here because I'm sick of people telling me how much I need a storyline in their reviews.

Also watch my flash its fantastic

Also some decent abandoned projects here


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2007-11-19 17:22:31

i like your "Kickass sidescroller" It is good for something kinda new from you :D


2008-07-06 17:26:20

Sure thing! :P


2011-03-03 03:52:09

Sup, User of the Day, ....what's this? You no longer come to Newgrounds? What a waste.


2011-06-16 01:24:01

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